100+ Cuddling Quotes to Get You & Your Partner In the Mood

Cuddling is often seen as a simple act of physical affection, but it can have many benefits for both partners. For one, cuddling releases oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” that helps promote bonding and trust. Oxytocin has also been linked with reducing stress and anxiety, and helping to create a sense of overall well-being. In addition to the physical benefits, cuddling can also help improve communication and intimacy in relationships. When couples take the time to cuddle, they are often more likely to open up and communicate about their day-to-day lives and problems. This can help create a stronger sense of connection between partners. In this post, we have compiled more than a hundred cute cuddling quotes for you.

Cuddle Quotes By Famous People

1. “Fight less, cuddle more. Demand less, serve more. Text less, talk more. Criticize less, compliment more. Stress less, laugh more. worry less, pray more. With each new day, find new ways to love each other even more.” – Dave Willis

2. “It’s important not to lose who you are in a relationship just because it’s nice to cuddle with somebody.” – Scarlett Johansson

3. “Every conversation, every cuddle, aver kiss and caress, even every disagreement, adds another brushstroke to the picture of home you paint with the days and hours of your life.” – Thomas Kinkade

4. “I don’t want to make love last, I want to make love second to last. The last thing we’ll do is cuddle.” – Jarod Kintz

5. “Everyone wants a hug and kiss. It translates into any language.” – Georgette Mosbacher

Cuddle Quotes for Her

6. “Gender is a social construct, but everyone likes to cuddle.” – Danielle Henderson

7. “In an ideal world no one would talk before 10 am. people would just hug, because waking up is really hard.” – Zooey Deschanel

8. “There’s nothing more beautiful than a cuddle.” – Adele

9. “The way you hold me each night, wrapped tight around me, makes me feel so loved and safe. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Then you kiss me softly and whisper, “I’ll love you baby, forever.”. And I fall asleep knowing everything is alright in my world. In our world.” – L. Hennessey

10. “I just want to cuddle with my Lion and give him all the love nobody in the world has given him but me.” – Katy Evans

Cuddling Quotes For Him

11. “I love spending time with you and cuddling up close. You make me feel so special and loved.”

12. “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your company and being able to cuddle with you. You are definitely my favorite person to be around!”

13. “Sometimes I just can’t help but lean over and give you a big hug or kiss while we’re cuddling. I hope you don’t mind!”

14. “I always feel so safe and loved when we’re cuddling together. It’s like there’s nowhere else in the world I would rather be.”

15. “Whenever we cuddle, it always feels like the most natural thing in the world. I just can’t seem to get enough of your touch!”

16. “I love the way you always know just how to hold me close when we’re cuddling. You always make me feel so loved and cherished.”

17. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than being able to cuddle up close with you and feel your heartbeat against mine. It makes me feel so content and happy.”

18. “Sometimes I just can’t help but stare at you while we’re cuddling because you’re so incredibly beautiful to me. I’m so lucky to have you in my life!”

Cuddle Quotes for Him

19. “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and how much I enjoy cuddling with you. You always make me feel so special and loved.”

20. “I hope you know that I cherish every single moment we spend cuddling together. It’s always one of the highlights of my day!”

21. “Come, cuddle your head on my shoulder, dear, your head like the golden rod, and we will go sailing away from here to the beautiful land of nod.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

22. “Hug me till you drug me, honey; Kiss me till I’m in a coma.” – Aldous Huxley

23. “I want a boy who will play video game with me, but cuddle with me at the same time!” – Max Winters

Cuddling Quotes For Her

24. “I wish I could copy and paste you into my bed.”

25. “I hope we can cuddle forever and never be apart. I love you more than anything in this world, and I promise to always make time for you. Thank you for being my everything.”

26. “Playing with your hair while you take a nap on my chest will always be my best therapy.”

27. “Cuddling with you feels like touching stars.” – Giovannie de Sadeleer.

28. “When it’s cold and dark at night, and we’re alone together, I long to take you in my arms, and cuddle you forever.” – Giles Andreae

29. “What is life, without your arms around me?… Cuddle me, love me and promise never to ever live my side.” – Jane Thomson.

30. “I like hugs. The really long hugs, the ones where you just don’t want to let go.”

31. “I only want three things: Kiss you, hug you, cuddle with you.

32. “When you put your arms around me I’m home.”

33. “I could hug and kiss you for hours, for days, forever.”

34. “You have no idea what all things I would give up just to be with you. A morning spent cuddling with you is more important to me than anything in the world.”

35. “I love that I get to see you every morning. I open my eyes and I just look at you & I don’t know from where should I start kissing you.”

36. Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean I don’t cuddle with you in my dreams

Cuddling Quotes Images

“I love cuddling with you. It feels like coming home.”

Cuddle Quotes for Instagram

“Cuddling with you is my favorite way to spend an evening.”

Cuddle Quotes Messages

“I could stay like this forever.”

Cuddle Quotes for Him

“Snuggling with you makes all of my worries disappear.”

Cuddle Image Quotes

“I feel so loved when I’m in your arms.”

Cuddle Image Quotes

“Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I need a good cuddle.”

Cuddle Quotes for Couples

“I love the way you hold me tight.”

Cuddle Quotes

“There’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms.”

Cuddle Quotes

“Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.”

Cuddle Quotes

“However long a hug lasts, it doesn’t last long enough.” – Kyle Schmalenberg

Cuddle Quotes

Cuddle Quotes Instagram

47. “The best cuddles always happen when you least expect them.”

48. “Cuddling is the best way to show how much you care.”

49. “A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.”

50. “Just cuddling with my main squeeze #HappyCouple #CuddleBuddy”

51. “Just cuddling with my favorite person in the world.”

52. “Cuddling is my favorite form of cardio.”

53. “Snuggling up with my absolute favorite person in the world.”

54. “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a cuddle is worth a million.”

55. “There’s nothing like a good cuddle to make you feel better on a bad day.”

56. “If you’re not snuggling your partner, you’re doing it wrong! #cuddle”

57. “Cuddle up with your favorite person and let the world melt away.”

58. “Cuddling with you is my favorite way to spend a cold winter night.”

59. “Happiness is a warm #cuddle”

60. “All I need is lots of cuddles and a nice cup of tea #cozyvibes”

61. “The best cuddles are the ones where you can hear each others’ heartbeat #cuddles”

62. “When you just want someone to hold you tight and never let go. #cuddle”

63. “Cuddling with bae and feeling all the feels.”

Cuddling Quotes Funny

64. “Let’s go cuddle so that I can steal your body heat.”

65. “I don’t need therapy, I just need to cuddle.”

66. “Cuddling is basically two people pretending to be one person.”

67. “Cuddling: the awkward moment when your face is in someone’s armpit.”

68. “The best part about cuddling is that you can do it with your clothes on.”

69. “Cuddle up. Rain always stops. It always stops. It always does.” – Ellen Gilchrist

70. “I don’t think anyone wants to cuddle a zombie.” – Norman Reedus

71. “I’m more likely to give you a cuddle than a punch in the face. I have a soft side, especially with my girlfriend. I send her flowers and use my culinary skills to pull off romantic meals. I do great Thai dishes.” – Jai Courtney

72. “All I really wanted to do was cuddle back under the blankets, maybe with a certain stuffed toy penguin I knew. Yeah, hiding sounded good.” – Laurell K Hamilton

Funny Cuddle Quotes

73. “Be realistic with your expectations. I’d really like to cuddle a unicorn, but it aint going to happen.” – India Knight

74. “New study reveals men like to cuddle. Another study reveals men will say anything to get into bed with a woman.” – Stephen Colbert

75. “When two people are cuddled close, they can really warm up one burrito. It may take all night, but I like my cheese melted. #CuddleChampion” – Jarod Kintz

76. “This cuddle weather makes me want to dial her number.” – Supriyo Ghosh.

77. “Don’t get me wrong, I like to cuddle. But there is such a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so that they can’t get away.” – Dave Attell

Love to Cuddle Quotes

78. “I love to cuddle because it brings together minds, bodies & souls of two people. You’re never more closer to a person in all sense when you are cuddling.”

79. “Don’t get me wrong, I like to cuddle. But there is such a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so that they can’t get away.” – Dave Attell

80. “I’d love to cuddle with you on a rainy Sunday morning.”

81. “I like to eat a bunch of ice-cream, and watch a movie, and just cuddle and get under the covers and dream about kisses!” – Britney Spears

82. “Cuddles are great because that’s how your souls talk to each other.”

83. “I’m tired of going to an empty bedroom every night. I wish I had a girl I could cuddle with.” – Harry Styles.

84. “I love cuddling because it’s like being hugged by the person you love the most, and it’s the best feeling in the world.”

85. “I’m a big fan of spooning, but I’ll never say no to cuddling.”

86. “I love to cuddle with my partner. Those moments are so special for me. When you cuddle you don’t even talk that much but you still understand the other person. There’s so much communication going on when you’re cuddling, even more than when your talking.”

87. “I love fall because I love the whole cuddling aspect of it, and a sweater dress has that vibe of I’m going to hunker down and be warm, but it’s also very feminine.” – Jessica Chastain

88. “It’s wonderful to be in love. And it’s definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it’s OK if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday.” – Leighton Meester

Cuddle Text Messages

89. “I love the way we can just sit and cuddle without saying a word and it feels so perfect.”

90. “There’s nothing better than cuddling up with you and falling asleep in your arms.”

91. “Cuddling is like a drug, I can never get enough.”

92. “Cuddling with you is my favorite thing to do.”

93. “I could cuddle with you forever and never get tired.”

94. “Sometimes all I need is a good cuddle from you.”

95. “Your cuddles make me feel so loved and special.”

96. “I love the way you know how to make me feel better with just a cuddle.”

97. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than cuddling up with you and spending time together.”

98. “I always feel so loved and cared for when we’re cuddling.”

99. “I can’t wait to cuddle with you again.”

100. “I hope we can cuddle soon.”

101. “I love feeling your arms around me when we cuddle.”

102. “Cuddling with you is the best feeling in the world.”

103. “I love you more than cuddling.”

104. “There’s no better feeling than being in your arms and feeling your warmth.”

105. “I can’t get enough of your cuddles!”

106. “In the mood for endless cuddles.”

We hope you enjoyed our list of cuddling quotes. Share them with your friends & your partner. And make sure you never waste a chance to cuddle with the one you love.

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