100+ Delicious Chocolate Fondue Captions for Instagram Photos

Chocolate fondue is basically melted chocolate with milk which can be enjoyed by dipping fruits in it. People of any age can enjoy this delicious chocolate treat. Here are some great chocolate fondue Instagram captions.

Chocolate Fondue Captions for Instagram Photos

1. We chocolate fondue-ed tonight and it was ABSOLUTELY delicious 😍🍫 #foodcoma

2. Fondue for two? Baby, you can have all of me. #chocolate

3. Chocolate loving friends unite! Fondue night was a huge success! #chocolate #fondue #friends #fun

4. Fondue-ing for some chocolate tonight!

5. Valrhona chocolate + fresh fruit = Heaven. #ChocolateFondue #FruitLover

6. Season’s eatings! Celebrate the holidays with a little extra sweetness. #chocolatefondue #holidayfun

7. Just because its #fondue doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. Share some chocolate tonight 😘

8. Chocolate fondue for two, please! #sweettooth

9. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of chocolate fondue! #chocolatelovers

10. Fondue for two? ❤️ #chocolatelover

11. Just because it’s #NationalChocolateFondueDay doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too! 🍫

12. Melting hearts one chocolate at a time ❤️

13. Chocolate fondue with friends is the best kind of fondue 🍫❤️

14. Who knew life could be so sweet? Certainly not me, until I found my true love: chocolate fondue.

15. Chocolate fondue, because best friends don’t let friends eat chocolate alone. #bffsittermoms

16. Recipe for a good night: Chocolate fondue, good company, and lots of laughs.

17. Let’s get samplin’! #yum #ChocolateFondueDay

18. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s chocolate fondue 🍫 #NationalChocolateFondueDay

19. Melted chocolate + fresh berries = the perfect way to cure any sweet tooth! #Yum #ChocolateFondue

20. Rich, creamy, and delicious – Chocolate fondue is the perfect way to end a night #treatyourself

21. Finger love booth at the chocolate museum. You Know you want it. #lick

22. Fondue-ing over my new favorite chocolate spot in town!

23. Chocolate + strawberries = ❤️ dip into the ultimate #fondue night!

24. Chocolate + Fondue = Love 🍫❤️

25. Chocolate lovers rejoice! It’s time to have some fun with melted chocolate and all of your favorite fruits and sweets. #FondueNight

26. Ooey gooey chocolatey goodness #nomnom

27. Chocolate fondue with my girls! The best way to spend a rainy day 👭🍫

28. Dipping into something sweet with my #sweetheart 🍫❤️

29. Chocolate overload! YUM! #foodcoma

30. Fondue-ing for some chocolatey goodness with my besties 🍫❤️ #chocolatelover

31. Ooey, gooey, chocolatey goodness #chocolatefondue

32. Fondue-ing for chocolate with my bestie! #sweettooth

33. Chocolate fondue with my besties 🍫❤️ #PureJoy

34. Chocolate fondue for two? Yes please! #ValentinesDay

35. Chocolate craving mission: complete. With my besties by my side, nothing can bring me down! #dessertgoals

36. Chocolate fondue is the best way to end a romantic evening 😍 #sweettooth

37. Rich, creamy chocolate fondue for dipping yummy fruits, pretzels and marshmallows! The perfect after-dinner treat!

38. Having a sweet time with my friends and some delicious chocolate fondue!

39. The best way to treat yourself is with a chocolate fondue night#treatyoself

40. Chocolate is the answer to everything 🍫❤️ #ChocolateFondue

41. Chocolate-covered strawberries are just the beginning. Fondue into something delicious tonight! #ChocolateFondue

42. It’s arms reachably Chocolate fondue night! Celebrate with your favorite dipping foods and a loved one. #CHOCOLATE

43. Dipping my strawberries in chocolate and feeling fancy AF #TreatYoSelf

44. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some good old fashioned #ChocolateFondue 🍫❤️

45. Valentine’s Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean the chocolate has to end! Fondue it up with your BFFs and enjoy some sweet moments. #chocolatelover

46. Dessert always looks better with a friend #chocolatefondue

47. Dipping my madeleine into melted chocolate for a civilized #afternoontea 🍫

48. It’s officially #fondueszn! Time to break out the chocolate and dip everything in sight 😋

49. Chocolate and friends make the perfect combination ❤️

50. Mood: Trying to Havane-uh my night Cavanaugh-ing into this melted chocolate

51. Endlessly dipping into this pool of chocolate goodness 😋🍫#foodgasm

52. Chocolate fondue with my besties because we know how to treat ourselves! #selfcareSaturday

53. Chocolate fondue night with my besties! We’re dipping everything in chocolate and afterwards we’re going to dance the night away! #bestfriends #fonduenight

54. It’s officially #nationalchocolatefondueday 🍫❤️ Celebrate with your favorite people and some delicious chocolate!

55. One can never have too much chocolate 🍫 #FondueFriyay

56. Fondue for two 🍫❤️ #besties #chocolateaddict

57. It’s time to get fool-ate with some chocolate fondue! 😜#selfcareday

58. Fondue-ing for two 🍫 #sweettooth

59. The best way to end a long day? indulging in some delicious chocolate fondue with my closest friends. #sweettooth

60. Melty, cheesy, chocolatey goodness #foodporn

61. Melted chocolate making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside #yum

62. Real friends don’t let you eat chocolate alone. #fonduefriday

63. The only thing better than dark chocolate fondue is sharing it with friends #sweettooth

64. Who needs photos when you’ve got #chocolatefondue?! 👅

65. Chocolate fondue is the best way to show your loved ones how much you care ❤️

66. Chocolate + Fondue = <3

67. Dipping into something sweet with myspecial someone ❤️

68. Dip into something delicious 🍫❤️ #chocolatefondue

69. Fondue-ing for two? chocolate, please! 😍

70. Chocolate + strawberries = true love 🍫🍓

71. It’s officially the season of love, and what says love more than chocolate? #FondueFor Two

72. Chocolate fondue + friends = BEST Nero’s date night EVER!

73. Chocolate fondue night with the girls! #dessertlovers

74. Dipped in chocolate and feeling divine #nosuchthingasbecausechocolatefondue #yum

75. Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean the fun has to end! #fonduefordays

76. Chocolate fondue makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day 🍫❤️

77. Richest, smoothest, most delicious chocolate fondue I’ve ever had! Check out the recipe on my blog (link in bio)

78. It’s always a good time for some chocolate fondue! #desserttime

79. Chocolate dreams really do come true 🍫 #fondue

80. One for me, one for you 🍫 #nicecream

81. We’re huge fans of melted chocolate around here ❤️🍫

82. Sweet Tooth Satisfaction 😋 #ChocolateFondue

83. Melted chocolate + fresh fruit = a match made in dessert heaven! #chocolatelovers

84. When life gives you melted chocolate, make Chocolate Fondue! #dessert #happyhour

85. Chocolate + friends = the perfect night! #friendshipgoals #delicious

86. Chocolate lovers rejoice! The newest place in #nashville has the best chocolate fondue around 🍫💕

87. Nothing says “I love you” like melted chocolate fondue 😍 #sharethelove

88. Melting into some deliciousness with my #bae ❤️ #FoodieFriday

89. Chocolate fondue, because every night should be a little sweeter ☺️ #dessertstagram

90. Fondue party tonight! RSVP for all the dipping, chocolatey goodness 😊

91. Fondue-ing for Chocolate night with my favorite people! #FoodPorn #ChocolateLover

92. Chocolate fondue night with my favorite people! #sweettooth

93. Molten chocolate and fresh fruit – the perfect recipe for a romantic night in! #fondue

94. We all need a little bit of chocolate in our lives! # ChocolateFondue

95. Anything is better with chocolate, especially when it’s melted and gooey! #FondueFriday

96. When you thought chocolate fondue couldn’t get any better… we made it happen. Molten lava chocolate ship coming in hot 🍫

97. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s chocolate. And if there’s one thing I love just as much as chocolate, it’s wine. So what could be better than combining them into one delicious fondue?! # foodie

98. Chocolate fondue, because if we’re gonna be stuck indoors, we might as well get cozy!

99. Chocolate Pouring out of a Pot, with Melted Chocolate around it #FondueFriday

100. Dipping into something sweet #chocolatefondue #valentinesday

101. Sweet and rich blend of chocolatey goodness #FoodPorn

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