80+ Best Aerial Yoga Instagram Captions to Inspire Followers

Fitness is a popular area on Instagram. Many accounts are dedicated to showing off new fitness trends or showcasing the body’s workout and recovery process. Aerial Yoga has been gaining in popularity in recent years and there is already a strong presence on social media. In this post, we’ll share some great Aerial Yoga Instagram captions for you to use it on your photos.

Best Aerial Yoga Instagram Captions

“As a beginner, I was nervous to try aerial yoga. But the instructor made it easy and fun!”

I’m a #yogi in the sky with my new aerial yoga class.

This is not just a yoga class. This is an aerial yoga class where you learn how to fly like a bird!

I’m a bird! I’m a plane! No, I just love aerial yoga. #aerialyoga

Loving the view from this #aerialyoga class.

The secret to aerial yoga? #yoga in the air! 🎈🧘‍♀️

I’m feeling so #blessed to be in the air today with my new aerial yoga instructor. It was a great way to start off this week!

Feeling the breeze on my face #aerialyoga

I’ve got my eye on you. 🌸💕

#aerialyoga is my favorite new way to get a #workout in. I feel like a #superhero when I’m flying through the air!

This is the view from my aerial yoga class. I’m a little afraid of heights, but this was so much fun!

I’m getting in touch with my inner #yoga goddess.

This is how I feel when my #aerialyoga teacher makes me fly 🌈

#aerialyoga is so relaxing, I feel like a #ballerina floating through the air.

Let’s go up, and down, and side to side! #aerialyoga

I’m a #yogini who loves to fly. 🌈

Feeling like a ballerina in the sky. #aerialyoga

#aerialyoga is the best way to #detox and #reset

yoga #aerialyoga #paradise 🌴🍹

I’m a yoga instructor who loves to take my classes in the sky. Check out our aerial yoga retreats and let me know if you need some help finding your center.

I’m on top of the world! #aerialyoga

The view from my mat is pretty great #aerialyoga

Pushing my limits at #aerialyoga class this morning. Feeling like a real life superhero 💪🏻

This is going to be a great #aerialyoga practice. I can feel it! 🙏🌞

I’m floating on air as I do an aerial yoga class. #aerialyoga

Exploring new heights with #aerialyoga 🌄💕

When you’re upside down, everything looks right side up.

I’m so happy to be a part of this beautiful aerial yoga class. #aerialyoga

I’m on a new adventure with the #yoga community here in Nashville 🌾🌿

My new favorite way to get my #yoga on 🌈🧘‍♀️

I’m not afraid of heights, but I am terrified of falling.

Flying high with my new aerial yoga instructor 🎥🌈

#aerialyoga is a great way to get some #sunshine and stretch your body at the same time.

Feeling more flexible than a rubber band 🌈🌹

I’m so high up in the air right now, I can see all of my #bendyfriends

Floating through the air with my new aerial yoga #instructor

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is a pretty awesome view! #aerialyoga

I’m so happy to be back in the air! #aerialyoga

The view from my yoga mat is incredible! 😎

I’m a #yogi in the sky with my aerial yoga teacher

I’m a little bit yogi, and I’m a little bit rock star. #yoga

The view from my first aerial yoga class. 🙏🌈

When you’re upside down, it’s hard to put your phone away.

#aerialyoga is a great way to get in touch with your #spiritanimal

We’re not just stretching. We’re reaching new heights! 🌈💕

No need to be afraid of heights. #aerialyoga

Sweeping the sky with my #yogi wings

I’m so excited to try #aerialyoga! I can already feel my abs getting stronger.

#Aerialyoga is the best workout! It makes me feel like a real superhero

#Aerialyoga is the best workout! It makes me feel like a real superhero 😉

#aerialyoga has me feeling like I’m flying!

We’re not just stretching, we’re pushing our minds to the limit. #aerialyoga

I’m pretty sure I just saw the Northern Lights 🌈💫

I’m so happy I decided to #flywithmyfriends!

Aerial yoga is the best way to get your #yogi on.

#aerialyoga is the perfect way to end your #workweek and start your weekend.

#aerialyoga is the most fun way to get a full body workout!

I live for the view from my aerial yoga hammock 🌅🎆

#aerialyoga is amazing. It’s like the best stretch and workout of your life all at once!

#aerialyoga is so fun! I’m floating on a cloud with this pose.

What a view! You can see for miles from here. #aerialyoga

I’m a bird, I’m a plane, no actually I am the human 🦅

#aerialyoga is a great way to #getfit in the #summer. I’ve been working on my core strength and flexibility!

I’m getting my #yoga in while flying through the air! 🌈💫

This aerial yoga class is out of this world!

I’m feeling so free and open today. #aerialyoga

I’m a #yogi up in the sky. 🌈

Aerial Yoga Instagram Captions

#aerialyoga is so much fun! I’m going to start doing it every day.

Feeling like a bird in the sky while doing #aerialyoga

“I’m not a yoga person… but I do like to make shapes with my body.”

#aerialyoga is the only way to start your day.

Yoga in the sky! I’m trying out this new aerial yoga class. It’s so fun and challenging to hold poses while floating around in mid-air. #aerialyoga

I’m a #yogi, but I don’t have to be on the ground.

#aerialyoga is like yoga on a trapeze, except you’re also in the air. 🎭💥

#aerialyoga is so much more than just beautiful #poses. It’s a way to get out of your head and into your body, letting go of the daily stressors and finding peace in movement.

The view from the top of my #aerialyoga practice is always breathtaking. 😍💕

#aerialyoga is the best way to #getlifted and #flyhigh!

I’m feeling so #alive in this aerial yoga class. I feel like my body is floating above the ground.

Never thought I’d be upside down in a hammock 🌳🐒

I’ve always loved the feeling of flying, but I never knew it could be so relaxing until I tried Aerial Yoga. #aerialyoga #loveflying

A #yoga pose in the air like I’m flying on a magic carpet! 🌈

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