55+ Anklet Instagram Captions That Will Get You Likes

Anklets are very beautiful, there isn’t any doubt about it. They are shiny and polished, sometimes they jingle when the person wearing them walks, so swing-y and cute! What’s not to like? Anklets go better with everything. Seriously. You can wear them with pretty much anything – skirts, dresses, pants, shorts… And they are perfect to wear to beaches. Here’s a list of Anklet Instagram Captions for you to copy-paste on your perfect anklet photos.

Ultimate Anklet Instagram Captions List

I’m not a real mermaid, but I do have a #mermaidanklet that makes me feel like one 🧜🏼‍♀️

nofilter needed when you’re wearing this #anklet.

A little bit of bling for your feet.

I’m going to wear this on my ankle for a week and then put it in a jar with all the other things I can’t believe I used to think were cool. #listicle

I’ve always wanted a little #anklet. The kind you wear on your ankle like a pirate would.

My #anklet is so cute, I don’t want to take it off!

I’m a girl with an #anklet just like everyone else.

“I wish I could wear it everyday,” says the girl who wears a new anklet every day.

The only thing better than a new anklet is an old one that’s been re-purposed as a necklace.

This is a beautiful anklet that I bought in #LA. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry!

My #ankle bracelet is so cute, it even makes my toes look good 💅🏼

Feeling like a #goddess with my new anklet

Anklet Instagram Captions

It’s a nice day for an anklet…

I’m so excited to be wearing my new anklet! Now I just need a matching bracelet…

I’m wearing this anklet because…. I don’t know, it just looks cool

I’m wearing this #anklet to remind me that I have a great life.

I’m a #girlboss with an ankle bracelet.

I’m so happy I have a new anklet! It’s the perfect accessory for my new #tattoo.

My #anklet is a symbol of my commitment to myself and my goals.

I’m a #girlboss, I have a successful business and I wear an anklet. 💁🏼

I’ve got a new anklet, and I don’t know how to feel about it.

I’m loving my new anklet! It makes me feel like a mermaid 🐳 #mermaidlife

My anklet is a symbol of my freedom, and I’m going to wear it every day.

I’ve got a new accessory to wear this summer. It’s my #anklet and it goes with everything!

This anklet is so cute I’m going to wear it until the day I die. #anklets

I’m not a big fan of jewelry but I love these #anklets because they are super light and you can wear them with anything.

I’m obsessed with my new anklet. It makes me feel like I have a tiny little dog following me around all day, and that is the cutest thing ever!

I can’t stop looking at my new #anklet. I’m going to wear it every day, even when I sleep!

I’m not a princess, but I still love my anklet. #bohemian

My new anklet is the perfect accessory for my #summervibes 🌴🌊

Anklet Instagram Captions

The perfect accessory to a great outfit. #anklet

I’m not into jewelry, but I love this.

This is my new favorite anklet. It’s so cute, I can barely stand it!

I’m not a #girlygirl but I can still rock some bling on my feet. 😍

My new anklet is so cute and shiny. I will wear it everywhere, even to the gym! 💎🏃‍♀️

I’m so proud of my new #anklet. I can finally wear my wild side on the outside where everyone can see it!

“I’m not a slave to fashion, I just love anklets.” -me

I’m a little #footloose and fancy free with my new anklet!

I always wanted a tattoo, but I couldn’t decide on what to get. So instead of getting one, I got this anklet with all the words that describe me in tiny little charms.

I have a new #anklet and it looks so good on my foot.

I’m a #tomboy, but I do like to dress up. My new anklet gives me the best of both worlds!

My #anklet is a symbol of all the things I’ve overcome. It reminds me to keep my head up, and stay true to myself 💖

I’m not a #fashionista but I do love this cute anklet. It makes me feel like a mermaid 🐚🌊

I love my anklets, but I’m not sure what to wear them with. I think they look great with everything. Will you help me decide?

I love my anklet, but it’s not the only thing that makes me happy! 😎💕

I’m so happy my #anklet is finally here! I can’t wait to show it off at the beach.

I’m a #free spirit, so I never wear shoes and my anklet is always on 🦄

I’m going to have a #nofilter beach day with my new anklet

My #anklet is a symbol of my commitment to myself.

I’m still wearing this #anklet after all these years. It works like a charm to keep me away from evil spirits 💀

I’m so into these new anklets. I can’t stop myself from playing with them all the time!

It’s time to get my #summer on with a new anklet

The only thing better than one anklet is two.

Anklet Instagram Captions

My #anklet is so cute it’s almost too hard to wear!

I’m not wearing any pants because I can’t put on my anklet.

I can’t believe I just spent my whole paycheck on a bracelet for my ankle.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I don’t want to commit. So instead, I got this anklet

I want to wear this anklet every day. It’s so cute and sparkly!

I’m a #free spirit. I like to be barefoot and wear an anklet.

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