85+ Pizza and Wine Instagram Captions for Food Lovers

Pizza and wine is a classic combination that has been long enjoyed by food lovers. Whether it’s a date night or a family meal, there is something special about this pairing that can elevate any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a slice of classic Margherita pizza with a glass of Chianti or gourmet toppings with a bottle of Pinot Grigio—there’s no wrong way to enjoy this delicious combination. Here are some great Pizza and wine Instagram captions you can use for your photos.

Pizza and Wine Instagram Captions

1. Pizza and wine with friends are the best way to celebrate the start of a weekend.

2. When the weekend is all about catching up with friends, pizza, and wine.

3. A lazy Sunday afternoon of pizza and wine with friends

4. Let’s get together this weekend, order pizza, and drink wine #friends with pizza

5. Wine, pizza, and friends—are a few things that make life truly worth living. 🍕🍷

6. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with friends this weekend, then pizza and wine can never go wrong. #hikingseason

7. Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza and a glass of wine? 🍕🍷

8. Make it a weekend to remember with pizza, wine, and friends.

9. Friday nights. Saturday mornings. Sunday afternoons. We’re all about the weekend pizza, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of red first.

10. Sunday Funday is officially here. Pizza and wine, that’s the way to do it. ☀️

11. Wine with slices of thick pizza and friends is the best way to chill out

12. It’s Friday night, you’re with your friends and wine with slices of pizza. What could be better?

13. Let’s all get together for pizza, wine, and friends

14. A weekend spent with friends, fine wine, and pizza is what are we living for?

15. The perfect way to end a long week is with a slice of pizza and a glass of wine.

16. A weekend spent with friends is a great time to catch up and have some laughs. Pizza and wine are a great way to start the weekend, that’s why we’ve got you covered.

17. A weekend spent with friends is a great time to catch up and have some laughs. Pizza and wine are a great way to start the weekend, that’s why we’ve got you covered.

18. It’s Friday night and we’re all about pizza and wine with friends.

19. It’s best when you can share a good pizza with your friends and fine wine.

20. Nothing beats a weekend night with friends and pizza 🍕 And nothing beats fine wine 🍷

21. Some weekends are made for pizza and wine, LIKE THIS!

22. Friends. Wine. Pizza. What’s better than that? 🍕🍶

23. Let’s celebrate the weekend with this pizza and wine pairing you’ll want to repeat with friends

24. A weekend well spent with friends, fine wine, and pizza. ❤️🍕

25. We all need a little bit of pizza, fine wine, and good company.

26. Making memories is what lives are about. And if there’s one thing that can bring people together, it’s a good pizza and fine wine.

27. We’re celebrating summer with a weekend pizza and a bottle of wine. ☀️

28. Friends who are always there for you, pizza for days and a little bit of wine.

29. We don’t need much of a reason to celebrate, but this pizza and wine are definitely making it easy. Happy Friday everyone! 😜

30. Friends, food, and wine. What else do you need?? #TGIF

31. It’s pizza and wine alone but nice to be with you. 😘

32. There’s nothing more romantic than a date night at home with pizza and wine. 🍷🍹

33. Wine and pizza. It’s a match made in heaven.

34. What do you love about pizza and wine? # Everything about pizza

35. Let’s just say, pizza and wine are two things that go hand in hand. 🍕😎

36. Enjoying a pizza and a glass of wine? Yes, please 🍷🍷

37. Pizza. Wine. You’re welcome.

38. The best way to celebrate the end of a long week is with pizza and wine🍷

39. Wine and pizza are two of the best things to do when you’re home alone on a Friday night!

40. There’s nothing better than sitting on your couch, streaming an episode of your favorite show, and enjoying a delicious slice or two.

41. Wine and cheese are great, but pizza and red fine wine are better. 🍕☕

42. When pizza and wine go together like a pair of shoes, you know that life is good. 🍕🍷

43. It’s pizza and wine alone at the end of a long day.

44. It’s pizza and wine night. ☺️🍕

45. The best way to celebrate the first date? Pizza and wine.

46. The perfect combination of pizza and wine is a mix of both your favorites.

47. Take a break from the workweek with this simple ingredient recipe for pizza and wine 🍷

48. It’s the simple things in life that make us happy.

49. Like pizza and wine by themselves.

50. Wine and pizza…. what’s not to love? 🍷👌

51. If you love pizza and wine, get ready to pair the two. 😋

52. How do wine and pizza make you feel? 😎😍

53. There is nothing like pizza and a good bottle of wine. This is what a weekend should be about.

54. It’s pizza and wine. Of course, it’s a perfect match.

55. Wine, pizza, and a good book are the perfect cure for a bad day.

56. Grab a slice and a glass. Let’s have some fun tonight! #Wine and pizza

57. Understanding the special kinship shared between pizza and its patrons, wines offer the best healing for any kind of day.

58. A perfect night doesn’t need to involve a big production or an expensive dinner. It’s pizza and wine, and laughter at the end of the day.

59. I believe daily life should be a celebration. I say don’t save wine for a special occasion, because every day should be one celebrating with a slice of thick pizza with your favorite toppings, WHY? because I deserve it!!!

60. It’s Friday night with your friends, a bottle of wine, and a fresh pizza.

61. It’s the small moments that count. When the only thing standing between you and the perfect slice of pizza is a glass of wine.

62. It’s pizza and wine. Of course, it’s our passion.

63. Pizza and wine night is about relaxing and having fun.

64. It’s raining outside. What does must do? Watching a movie with a glass of fine wine and grabbing some pizza sounds the best to me.

65. Pizza is the perfect treat. Wine is the perfect pairing. Sure, there are many choices when it comes to food and drink, but sometimes the best options have already been thought up inside us.

66. Nothing feels better than a good table, a crisp glass of wine, and the perfect pizza with friends.

67. Life is too short to not enjoy pizza and wine! Who’s with me? 🍕🍷

68. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a slice of pizza and a glass of wine. You deserve it! 🍕🍷

69. Cheers to pizza and wine nights with friends! 🍕🍷

70. Pizza and wine just taste better together. Treat yourself today! 🍕🍷

71. It doesn’t get any better than this—pizza, wine, and good company. What more could you ask for? 🍕🍷

72. Celebrate the little things in life–like a slice of pizza and a glass of red wine. Cheers! 🍕🍷

73. Treating myself tonight to pizza and wine because why not? 😋🤗😉😏🍕🍷

74. Pizza + Wine = Perfection 🤩

75. Make tonight a pizza and wine night. You deserve it! 🙌

76. Cheers to good food, great friends, and the perfect pair: Pizza & Wine ✨

77. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that pizza and wine make everything better. 😉

78. Nothing goes together like my favorite duo – Pizza & Wine! 🍕🍷

79. A balanced diet is a pizza in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. 🤣👌🍕🍷

80. I’m just here for the pizza & wine. 🤗🍕🍷

81. Pizza and wine: The perfect combination to make any night better! 💯😋

82. Let’s raise our glasses to the best combo ever—pizza and wine! 🥂🍕🍷 Enjoy every slice and sip with no regrets tonight! ❤️😉

83. Life is better with pizza and wine. 🍕🍷

84. Here’s to letting loose and enjoying the simple things, especially pizza and wine! 🤩😋🍕🍷

85. Pizza and wine will always be my go-to for a good night. 💯😉🍕🍷

86. Take some time tonight to enjoy your favorite slice of pizza paired with a glass of your favorite vino. It’s the little things that make life special! 😊✨🍕🍷

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