35+ Paper Airplane Quotes to Inspire You Fly High in Life

Paper airplanes are one of the first things most people learn how to make. They begin life as simple gliders, but with enough creativity and practice they can be designed to fly in multiple directions or even loop. A paper airplane’s design is limited only by its creator’s imagination. Paper airplanes are also a great way for children to get exercise , since they have to run to retrieve the airplane after each throw. These fun airplanes can also be used symbolize a person’s life in many ways. In this post we’ll see some paper airplane quotes that will inspire you to fly high in life.

Paper Airplane Quotes

“I was so happy I wanted to fold all the people into paper airplanes and fly them into the lidless eye of that big yellow moon” – Steve Toltz

“You kind of remind me of a paper airplane, I guess. Unpredictable and all that.” – Unknown

“I’d rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl’s heart” – Niall Horan

“I hope that I can fold myself into many paper airplanes and fly over this wall of grief to freedom on the other side.” – Lily Myers

Paper Airplane Quotes

“When I was younger, I used to save my pocket money until I had enough for some paper for origami models. It always amazed me how just folding one piece of paper could create something so complex and beautiful.” – Yuri Shumakov

“I just fold paper airplanes of hope and send them to you.” – Unknown

“I made you a paper airplane, but then I thought that maybe the paper would just break by itself.” – Unknown

“The most important things are paper airplanes and dreams.” – Christopher Morley

“The purpose of life is to fly.” – Unknown

“Paper Airplanes and the people who love them go on an adventure of a lifetime. Will they be able to save each other?” – Lily Myers

“What’s that? You’re sick and tired of my paper airplane metaphors? Well dude, you’re pretty sick yourself if you don’t like paper airplanes.” – Andrew McMillen

“I wish I could fly in with a paper airplane to let you know that I miss you.” – Unknown

Paper Airplane Quotes

“He taught me how to fold paper airplanes, and together we would sit on the front porch for hours throwing them into the wind. Sometimes he would get frustrated with me when they got stuck in the cracks of our wooden railing.” – Jocelyn Russell

“If you have a dream at night, fold a paper airplane so that it can fly away.” – Unknown

“Anyone who’s ever made a paper airplane knows there is something magical about throwing your hopes and dreams into the sky.” – Darren Hupke

“I remember when you used to follow me around with paper airplanes. Its funny how much things change.” – Unknown

“One thing that never changes is my love for paper airplanes. I hope that wherever you are, you’re throwing them too.” – Anonymous

“As a child I learned from a book of origami on making paper airplanes. When my plane would fly, I felt free flying high in the sky just like my paper airplane did!”- Michael McClain

“A paper airplane is a bird with too little wings.” – Unknown

Paper Airplane Quotes

“Even as a kid, I always loved to fold paper airplanes and send them soaring into the sky. Sometimes I would imagine that one of those planes was mine–that it could soar across oceans and continents — all the way home to my mother.”- Sana Krasikov

“We put up a new playground at school today. It has a tall slide and a swing set. My only wish is that somehow a paper airplane will come soaring from the sky and land on me!” – Yuki Shimizu

“I’m holding on to our memories like paper airplanes. Someday soon I’ll work up the courage to throw them into the wind.” – Anonymous

“I just folded a paper airplane. I don’t know where it’s going, or who will read it. Maybe into the wind that is you.” – Unknown

“Oh baby girl I know that I wrong for leaving like this but this paper plane is my apology and if you unfold it then maybe we can finally be free and kiss the ground and taste the sky and live as high as those paper planes”- Sterling Knight

“Only those with hope at their backs launch paper airplanes of possibility.- Tami Charles

Paper Airplane Quotes

“That one time we made paper airplanes together was a good memory.”- Unknown

“I found this paper plane at work and its been bugging me all day. It’s got this dumb poem on it that says ‘you’re not alone I’m across the miles’ but if you’re across the miles why are you sending me a paper plane”- Brian Kim

“The paper airplane we made together got caught in the wind and drifted out of sight.”- Unknown

“You live on in my memories like a folded up paper plane ready to fly off.” – Unknown

“We were meant to sail away… Like two paper airplanes meet each other in the sky, leap through the air together, and then glide our separate ways into the horizon.”- Rupi Kaur

“You are like a paper airplane I fold every day hoping one day you’ll come back to me”- Anonymous

“One day that paper plane will fly far across the world and find you.” -Unknown

“She was flying around in circles high above us until she became just another folded paper airplane soaring through the blue expanse of space.”- Sana Krasikov

Paper Airplane Quotes

“Today I folded a paper airplane like the ones we used to make together. As it left my fingers, I was reminded of how much hope and possibilities held within their wings.”- Anonymous

“I think of you when I fold a paper airplane because it reminds me of your strength and determination shining through both of our aspirations.”- Yuki Shimizu

“When life gets tough just remember, if a paper plane can fly so can you!” – Unknown

“You are my paper plane. You will fly free one day soon.” – Anonymous

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