60+ Long Dress Instagram Captions for Your Gorgeous Photos

A long dress is a beautiful and classy item of clothing that can make any woman feel confident and stylish. Whether you are attending a formal event or simply want to look your best for a night out, a long dress is always a good choice. Here are some long dress Instagram captions for your gorgeous photos.

Long Dress Instagram Captions

1. I’m all about this long, flowing look today. No need to be afraid of a bold statement.

2. Who says you can’t wear a long dress this summer?

3. Long dress, long walk…long time to wear this one 😍😜

4. Long dresses are always in style and they can be worn in so many different ways. Dress up or down, these long styles have something for everyone!

5. If you like to make a statement, the red long dress is for you.

Long Dress Instagram Captions

6. You can never go wrong with a long dress

7. I’m all about the long, flowing look today ladies, no need to be afraid of standing out from the crowd!

8. I love wearing my flowy long dresses. The best thing about these dresses is that I feel free to move around and do what I want, and I can still look beautiful.

9. Don’t you just love wearing flowy long dresses that remind you of a princess? They are so comfortable, yet so elegant and graceful.

10. Have some fun with this flowy long plunging dress.

11. Loving my flowy long plunging dress. I find the most comfort in this type of dress because it’s very easy to move around in and still look elegant 😍💗

12. Let your inner radiance shine bright in this flowy long, plunging dress.

13. This flowy long gown is the perfect excuse to get messy while still looking pulled together.

14. We love this dress because it’s flowy and long but still keeps you cool.

15. I love wearing my flowy, long clothes because they’re very comfortable and flattering at the same time.

Long Dress Instagram Captions

16. Dress for a night out in our new flowy summer dress.

17. Why not wear a dress? #long plunging dress

18. I love long flowing dresses that touch the ground and make me feel beautiful 😍💗

19. Each sunny day is a good excuse to wear flowy long dresses with plunging necklines.

20. Nothing beats a flowy dress that lets you move.

21. A dress for the summer with a princess-like style and long plunging neckline ☀

22. Bright, bold patterns make me want to paint the town red. Add some chunky heels, and an extra-long necklace and you have yourself a runway-worthy flowy all over the floor ensemble.

23. The dress is long, but the legs are short. 😜

24. Maybe this red long dress is calling you to take the plunge!

25. It’s ok to stretch out and go big when it comes to dresses

26. A long black dress is a classic look you can wear every day. #longdress

27. Make a statement with this red long dress. It’s bold, feminine and romantic.

28. Being in a long dress, but it’s not chill enough to wear while hanging out with friends. Anyway, always look cute in something that fits the personality and can be worn anywhere. Keeping it cool.

29. This is the dress for you when you want to leave a lasting impression as you go about your day. #longdress

30. This red suede long dress is making a statement. A bold statement that says, “I’m not here to be pretty, I’m here to get the job done.”

31. Today, I’m not holding back. I’ve chosen to wear my favourite dress, and I’m loving the way it flows down my body.

32. Positively bold. Positively gorgeous. Positively flowing over the floor

33. Bold statement dressing at its finest.

34. Wearing this long dress makes me feel like I’m a princess.

Long Dress Instagram Captions

35. Hello, beautiful! There’s no better way to announce your arrival than this flowy long dress

36. This red long dress is making the boldest statement. Wear it with confidence!

37. You can wear a flowy long dress in any season, I’ve been wearing mine all summer long.

38. You can always trust a flowy long dress to make you feel comfortable, no matter where you are or what’s going on.

39. We’re ready for a weekend of lounging around in our flowy long dresses

40. Wear your feminine side and add a touch of elegance to your look with a flowy long dress.

41. Gorgeous flowy long dresses are all the rage this fall. Get yours! 😍

42. I’m wearing flowy, long and easy to wear – the perfect combination for a day out.

43. I’m wearing this flowy long dress to keep it comfortable and lightweight.

44. I love this flowy long dress because you can wear it with anything and still make a bold statement

45. Weekend vibes are here and our flowy long dress is ready to go!

46. You’ve got this. Keep calm, walk into the party and wear your flowing long dress with confidence.

47. A little flowy for this fall weather ☀️

48. Wearing long flowy dresses is the perfect way to get a little spring in your step!

49. The best way to feel amazing is to simply be you and wear that long flowy dress ready to be plunged

50. Bright, bold and long.

51. Who says you can’t wear a bold long dress in winter? #show them off in style! 😎

52. A little bit of boldness goes a long way.

53. When you’re wearing a bold, long dress the colours pop! 😍

54. Turn heads in a bold, long dress that’s perfect for work or play.

Long Dress Instagram Captions

55. All you need is a bold, long dress and your best pair of shoes. #dressupforstyle

56. Bold, long and swingy! That’s what summer is all about. 😎

57. Striking a classic in this beautiful long dress.

58. Here’s to dreaming big, living boldly and owning it all #DressForSuccess

59. It’s the perfect time to grab this long, feminine dress and stand out.

60. It’s a bold long dress for the bolder, stronger side of you.

61. A bold statement dress that is long, sexy and chic.

62. If you’re looking for a bold take on the long dress, try one of the long flowy bold styles.

63. Get the look: a bold long dress with a classic touch.

64. Bold, powerful and strong, it’s a flirtatious long lace party dress that is ideal for a night out.

65. Liberate your inner confidence and bold woman with the long dress for the next event.

66. It’s always the soft, comfortable long dress that is guaranteed to turn heads and make you feel confident and sexy.

67. It’s a dress that’s sure to turn heads, one that shows off your confident side.

68. The long perfect outfit for a night out with friends. It’s edgy enough to be bold and confident, but it’s still classy enough to look amazing.

69. A flowing, non-traditional wedding dress that can be worn on any big day.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Instagram captions about long dresses.

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