60+ Last Day of School Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

Last day of school is often emotional and exciting at the same time. A part of your life you enjoyed and in which you made a lot of friends is coming to an end. At the same time, you are heading to a new phase of your life which is equally exciting. So here are some emotional last day of school quotes for you.

Emotional Last Day of School Quotes


“That bittersweet feeling is even more intense on the best day of your life. After  years, all of your hard work has finally paid off. You’re officially graduated from  school.”


“I’ve always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings.” – Jenny Han


“The only way I could describe what kissing him felt like was, like the last day of school, knowing that months of freedom and sunshine lay before you, the feeling that you could do anything you wanted and time stretched out in endless possibilities.”
― Robin Benway


“It is a perfect day for the final day of school. Blue skies, warm sun, and the smell of summertime in the air. What could be better? Not much else to do besides kicking back, relaxing and celebrating another successful year.”

Last Day of School Quotes

“The last day of school is here, we’ve watched as you made new friends, conquered new challenges, and learned more every day. What will the future hold for you?”


“The last day of school is always a little bittersweet. You’re officially an adult and ready to take on the world. But, at the same time…it’s sort of sad.”


“It’s the last day of school and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us”!


“Whether you’re starting a new chapter or embarking on an entirely new adventure, here’s to all the possibilities the future has in store.”


“And so the school year comes to a close. We are sending you a big hug and wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.”


“The last day of school is here. There’s no better time to start the dreams.”


“It’s almost the last day of school. Time to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future!”


“How about one more time to say goodbye to the best years of your life?”


“We are so excited for you to be on your way, and we’re sending you off with some of the best memories since the last day in school into your future ahead.”


“Since the last day in school, how much do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self something?”

Last Day of School Quotes

“Today is the last day of school, but it’s also one of the best days of your life.
Today you’re going to make all your dreams come true. It’s a day to be bold and brave, to think big and set high goals. So don’t be shy, don’t be nervous—go out there and do exactly what you want.”


“Today is your last day of school but can be the first day of the rest of your life. Every moment of it has been leading up to this. You have all the tools you need to succeed, so take the leap and go for it!”


“The last day of school also means the day you can finally start to make a real difference in the world.”


“One day you’ll look back on the memories you made in your school days and wish you could relive them. One day you’ll be nostalgic for school if you aren’t already.”


“Thinking back school was not relaxing and calming, with a lot of fun, most importantly made trained us to focus on our passions and feel the joy of being young without all of the pressures of adulthood.”


“The last day of school means one big question: what are you going to do next?”


“The last day of school. The last day to be a kid and learn about the world outside my comfort zone.”


“After 15 years, we’re celebrating our last day of school this year with a party. How could we forget that bittersweet day in our life?”

Last Day of School Quotes

“The last day of school. The last day to be a kid and learn about the world outside my comfort zone.”


“The last day of school is also about looking forward to your future and making it happen.”


“I will always remember the last day of school as the best day. I had so much fun, people! I hope you did too.”


“So many memories, so much to say but let’s just enjoy this last day of school together.”


“I’ll never forget this last day of school. I’m so thankful for the memories I made and all the fun friends I found here.”


“What’s the one thing you miss the most about school? EVERYTHING”


“In a few moments, I will be walking out of this building for the last time. I hope to remember the first day of the school.”


“Today marks the last day of school for me. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds, but I’ll miss my teachers and everyone else we’ve met along the way.”


“Here is my short and sweet goodbye speech on the last day of my school life. I have been thinking about it for a long time but we all know some words are better unsaid.”


“The last day of school felt like losing a sense of childhood nostalgia.”


“On the last day of our school life we never thought we would miss it but never stopped missing it since.”


“It’s the last day of school and it is sad. But we all knew, the memories we made today will last a lifetime.”

Last Day of School Quotes

“We’re not just saying goodbye to school and hello to the real world. We’re saying goodbye to our childhoods and hello to a whole new set of adventures.


“Our kids are growing up so fast, it’s hard to believe that this is our last day of school.”


“The last day of school is always the hardest for the teachers to bid goodbye to their students once again.”


“SAD DAYS, GREAT MEMORIES on this last day of school.”


“Since the last day of school, there hasn’t been a day thinking life is so much better when you’re in school.”


“So many great memories. So much to say goodbye to on the last day of school.”


“On the last day of school, all you can do is smile and say goodbye.”


“Here’s to the last day of school. And here’s to the next steps of your journey.”


“We hope you don’t have too many fond memories of the last day of school, but we focus on the positive impact those days can have on your future.”


“Here’s to friendship, fun and a lifetime of memories on the last day of school.”


“No one will ever forget the last day of school. You’ll walk out, knowing that you did your best, and all of your friends are there to support you. You may be sad for the first time not having to do any more homework.”

Last Day of School Quotes

“I miss the days when school was full of excitement, laughter and love. Bye forever, my school.”


“Thank you for letting me be part of your lives. I’ll miss these times and hope we can spend this school life altogether in our next life.”


“You’ll miss the cafeteria crowd, you’ll miss the staircases, and you’ll miss that warm feeling when your friends greeted in the morning.”


“It’s the last day of school, and you’re feeling sad. But as you walk home with your friends, you think of all the memories this place has given you. And as you look back at everything, you realize that it was worth it.”


“Dear school, you were the best days of my life. Thanks for teaching me how to push through challenges, fight for what I want, and make lifelong friends along the way. For everything you’ve given me all these years, I thank you.”


“Dear school, the years I spent in your halls were the best of my life. It’s hard to believe that school is really over. Thank you for teaching me how to grow confident, communicate with others, and work towards my goals. I wouldn’t be who I am without you.”


“Dear school, in case I don’t get the chance to say this again, thank you for all the great times. I learned a lot about myself and others. And most importantly, I gained valuable friendships.”


“Saying goodbye can be tough, but looking back on the good times you shared will help you cherish these moments forever.”

Last Day of School Quotes

“As you sit here on the last day of school reflecting on all your past years, you’re filled with gratitude. You have so many people to thank for helping you get here. So many people who have pushed you to do better, and get better. And though there is still a long way to go, you can reflect proudly on how far you’ve come.”


“The last day of school is always a great day. You will reminisce about your favourite moments in school, and then get to start the next chapter in your life.”


“When the last bell rings, you can’t help but smile. You’re done with school life and you can’t wait to see what’s in store for your future.”


“Grab your best friends and get ready to make the last day of school one to remember.”


“Sometimes you have to say goodbye to good things because a new beginning is waiting for you.”


“What happens when you say goodbye to the school that shaped you?”


“You’re not sad until you realize that it’s your last day of school and you have to say goodbye to all your friends.”


“Our final day at school is bittersweet. We’ve grown so much, but now it’s time to go our separate ways. I can’t wait to watch all of us achieve all of our dreams


“Last day of school, so many memories were made. So much to appreciate now that we’re grown up and can see it from the outside. Here’s to those who never gave up on their dreams—you guys are fantastic!”


“It’s a sad day when you say goodbye to your best friends and teachers. But, for some, it’s a happy day knowing that you’ll grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be.”

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