50+ Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions for Your Travel Photos

There’s something about driving in the rain that just feels good. Maybe it’s the sound of the raindrops hitting the windshield, or the way the water beads up on the glass. Whatever it is, there’s just something about driving in the rain that feels relaxing and calming. plenty of other people feel the same way. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Sussex found that people who drove in heavy rain reported feeling more calm and relaxed than those who didn’t. Here are some beautiful driving in the rain Instagram captions for your rainy day photos.

Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions

1. Life is short. Drive in the rain with your loved one.

2. Driving in the rain is one of my favorite things to do. I love how it feels like you’re undefeatable and almost invisible.

3. This is what it’s like to drive in the rain with friends. ❤️

4. Adventure is built for monsoons and the adventures of rain driving

5. Adventurous drivers don’t have to worry when the rain starts pouring and they can enjoy an exciting ride with their loved ones.

Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions

6. It’s the simplest things that make us smile. Like when you’re driving in rain and suddenly spot a rainbow 🌈

7. The rain is here, and the roads are wet. Let’s go for a drive and see what awaits you

8. Gloomy, rainy days can make us feel down. But that doesn’t mean you should stop driving. No one wants to deal with a bad mood at the wheel. So, get out there and enjoy the ride!! 😎

9. Drizzle, go ahead and the trip keeps on going

10. I love driving in the rain with my sweetheart by my side.

11. Adventurous driving in the rain. The only thing more challenging than driving a manual vehicle in the rain is letting the monsoon season pass without any adventures

12. Driving in the rain is a challenge but totally doable. We’re up for it any day, anytime.

13. Nothing beats the rush of being in the car with your loved ones with a smile on your face especially if it is pouring

14. Drizzling out on the open road is just as lovely as it sounds while driving

15. Nothing beats a good rainstorm to get the adrenaline flowing. 🚗

16. The best adventures are worth travelling through the storm.

17. Driving in the rain with friends. The joys of life should be celebrated more often.

Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions

18. Nothing beats driving in the rain with your buds—no matter how wet you get. 😎

19. Driving through rain is the perfect complement for us.

20. We’re old enough to remember when we had rain-soaked adventures driving with our friends.

21. I never know what I’m going to get on this wet road. But I think I like it.

22. Driving in the rain doesn’t have to be a drag. With Adventures, it doesn’t even need to feel like work.

23. Sun is shining and you’re in the car. You unexpectedly spot a rainbow on a road, immediately your mood and all the negative thoughts about bad traffic, traffic jam and everything about your life problems

24. Rain or shine, take some time to enjoy the ride with your loved ones.

25. Sometimes it’s the smallest pleasures in life that mean the most. Smile when you see a rainbow after a storm especially while you are driving

26. If you’re driving in the rain and your loved one is beside you. Say “I love you” out loud, to remind yourself that they’re always with you.

27. Nothing beats a rainy drive with the people you love. #rainydaydrives

28. Driving’ in the rain with you.

29. Rainy days are the best for getting out and exploring. Nothing feels better than an adventure with you. We’re all ready to go!

30. Friends on a road trip. Rainy and windy with you in the car 🌧

31. Driving in the rain can be exciting, but it’s also a challenge. Let’s make it even more fun by sharing some of our favorite adventures!

32. Don’t let the rain get you down. Explore the world with us!

33. Rainbows pop up unexpectedly. This makes people smile and enjoy life

34. Friends in the car, exploring in the rain. What a glorious feeling.

35. It’s always a good drive in the rain. And at times, it is what you really need in your life!

Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions

36. The rain is here, and the roads are wet. Let’s go for a drive.

37. I know it’s going to rain. I can feel it in the air. It is time to take an adventurous drive

38. The only thing better than driving in the rain is doing it with good friends.

39. It’s time to pack the kids, snacks, magazines and a raincoat. Everyone piles into the car as rain pours outside.

40. Rainy days call for happy hours on the road to drive

41. Nothing beats a weekend spent on a rainy drive with the people you love.

42. A drive in the rain is an adventure you share with one special person.

43. driving through the rain with friends

44. The best way to explore a new city is in the car. The rain can’t keep us from seeing all the sights and making memories. We’re adventuring in the rain with you, so let’s get out there together!

45. You say it’s a bad day for adventuring? I am saying that you haven’t tried adventuring in the rain. 😎

46. Driving during monsoon is like adventuring in the rain — but without getting wet or dirty.

47. We’re driving in the rain, but you know what? We’d rather be here. 😉

48. Adventurous mood? Rainy day? Mix them together, and you’ve got a recipe for adventuring.

49. It was raining when I got into the car, but I didn’t care.

50. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being driven by surrounded by water, wind, and nature. 🍂☔

51. Nothing beats a rainy day drive with your friends in the family car.

Driving in the Rain Instagram Captions

52. When the rain comes down, it can be very hard to drive. But nothing is impossible when you’re together. ☔

53. Cars are made to drive in the rain, not hide under a tree.

54. You just can’t beat the feeling of driving on and smiling through the rain

55. The view from my car is breath-taking; A beautiful day with puddles and parking lots. It’s a beautiful thing when a little rain can make our worlds so much better 🌧 rain

56. It’s raining outside and we want to feel it by driving

57. The rain is great. I love rain. It’s like a good mood in a bottle, only it lasts longer especially when driving

58. Adventures: the drive of a lifetime in the rain

59. Nothing better than driving in the rain with your friends. Missed this feeling!

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