40+ Beautiful Bougainvillea Flower Quotes & Sayings

Roses are much admired for their beauty, but few realize that one particular shrub displays flowers that are just as impressive. This is the Bougainvillea which produces amazingly beautiful blossoms, ranging in color from white to pink, red and lavender-blue. It’s not really a true flower either – it’s actually a cluster of tiny little florets packed together on the same stem. But they are so tightly packed that the result is spectacular. In this post, we’ll share some beautiful bougainvillea quotes for inspiration.

Bougainvillea Flower Quotes

1. “Bougainvilleas are flowers for strong women.”  – Eliana Lopez

2. “As we walk through life we leave traces behind us. Some go quickly; others linger awhile before disappearing forever. Yet even those that do remain sometimes leave only faint memories, traces so insubstantial that it’s as though they’d never been. So it is with a bougainvillea. It leaves a trace of incomparable beauty, a momentary reminder that life can be glorious.” – Christopher Turner

3. “I have always been enchanted by the beauty of tropical plants. Among them, there is one that fascinates me more than any other: It’s the Bougainvillea.” – Jean Patou

4. “Bougainvilleas are innocent flowers. They’re just happy to be in this world.”  – Tomas Arana

5. “The bougainvillea is the most extravagantly beautiful flowering plant in all of nature.”  – Christopher Turner

6. “I have never seen anything more exquisite than the bougainvillea flaunting its scarlet and purple profusion in the face of a hot tropic sun.” – Jean Patou

7. “Flowers have been the most beautiful part of my life, and this is why I have often admired the bougainvillea, which covers all Mexico with a blush.” – Porfirio Diaz

Bougainvillea Quotes and Sayings

8. “The bougainvillea is a truly amazing flower. No other plant will do as much for you as this one.” – Christian Dior

9. “There are several things I will never forget about my life, but perhaps none that fills me with as much pride as having introduced this divine flower into fashion!” – Christian Dior

10. “I have always been enchanted by the bougainvillea, which shatters in one wild moment a lifetime of patience.” – Christopher Turner

11. “The only truly tropical flowers are the bougainvilleas.”  – Bruce Lansky

12. “Bougainvilleas take us to paradise and provide incredible joy. They are flowers with great strength and beauty: strength to live and be happy and beauty to share with others.” – Eliana Lopez

13. “Bougainvilleas don’t ask for attention. They simply demand it.” – Unknown

14. “The Bougainvillea has been the flower that I have liked best.” – Christian Dior

15. “The bougainvillea is a flower with the brilliance of the sun and an aura of mystery.” – Alexandra von Schirach

16. “When I think about Paradise, I remember Sri Lanka and the beauty of its vegetation. One of my favorite flowers are its bougainvilleas.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

17. “The bougainvillea surpasses everything in my experience including incomparable beauty of tropical flowers, birds and butterflies.” – Christopher Turner

18. “The bougainvillea is a flower without any rivals.”  – Jean Patou

Bougainvillea Quotes and Sayings

19. “The bougainvillea is a sculpture that blooms.” – Christopher Turner

20. “In a bouquet of bougainvilleas.”  – Christian Dior

21. “Bougainvillea is passionate; it’s the wild beauty of nature.” – Jean Patou

22. “The lush pink bougainvillea seems to crown the night.”  – Roger Zelazny

23. “The bougainvillea is Mexico’s national flower. It blooms in the spring, its bright colors shining like fireworks against the backdrop of dark green palm trees.” – Carlos Fuentes

24. “Bougainvillea is one of the finest plants in the world. It has been called ‘the flowering wonder’; and rightly so, for no other plant can be compared to it. I have seen them covering an entire house from ground to roof with their flamboyant tracery of color.” – James H. McWilliams

25. “I have been asked how I would like to be remembered. In a bouquet of bougainvilleas.”  – Christian Dior

26. “Bougainvillea blossoms are like Hawaii sunshine. They provide joy, happiness and delight to our lives.”  – Barbara Shipman

27. “Flowers painted by hand on silk or velvet, especially bouquets of bougainvillea.”  – Christian Dior

28. “I am tired of flowers that are merely pretty. Give me those that are extravagant!”  – Christian Dior

29. “I love the color red; it is so passionate and violent; I often wear it when I do not want to think too much.”  – Christian Dior

30. “The bougainvillea is indeed one of God’s masterpieces.”  – Jean Patou

31. “The bougainvillea has an amazing ability to adapt to its surroundings. It can be trained as a shrub, pruned into a standard or espalier against a wall, shaped into a tree or topiary ball.” – David Naylor

32. “I love this flower because it does not ask for attention.” – Unknown

Bougainvillea Quotes and Sayings

33. “What more can I say about the bougainvillea that hasn’t been said already? The thing speaks for itself: gaudy, rampant, spinning stamen like a dervish and petals like a peacock’s tail. But it is also subtle; within its showiness is grace and refinement.”  – Michael Viney’s

34. “A garden without bougainvilleas is like a face without freckles.” – James H. McWilliams

35. “Bougainvillea is my favorite flower. It is the most intense of all flowers.” – Christian Dior

36. “A bougainvillea is a flower with a strong will to live. It’s beautiful, but it has thorns!”  – Christian Dior

37. “Was there ever anything as ravishing as the bougainvillea? I cannot live without them!” – Jean Patou

38. “I love all flowers, but the bougainvillea is my favorite. It’s like a burst of flame when you put it on your waist!” – Barbara Hulanicki

39. “The bougainvillea is a symphony of color.” – Norman Cousins

40. “The bougainvillea is as free as the clouds and as colourful as tropical sunshine. It has no inhibitions.”  – Christopher Turner

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