65 Best Axe Throwing Instagram Captions for Your Photos

Axe throwing is a great activity for people who want to develop a strong throwing arm and good hand-eye coordination. It’s also a lot of fun, and can be a great way to relieve stress. If you’re looking for a new hobby, or just want to try something different, axe throwing could be the perfect activity for you. Here are some of Axe Throwing Instagram Captions for your photos.

Axe Throwing Instagram Captions

1. Throwing axes is the new way to relieve stress!

Axe Throwing Instagram Captions

2. My kind of workout 🏋️‍♀️ #”);

3. Aim for the stars 🌟 #axethrowing

4. Time to let off some steam 🔨 #choppingwood

5. Throwing axes is much more fun than doing dishes!

6. Learning how to throw axes is way more fun than I thought it would be!

7. Throwing my issues away one by one #stressrelief

8. I’m not saying that I’m a pro at axe throwing, but I’m also not saying that I’m not. #getrival

9. Show of hands, who’s ready to get their heart pumping with some competitive axe throwing? 😉✋🏼

10. Throwing some axes with my new friends – so much fun!

11. Let the good times fly with some indoor #axethrowing this weekend!

12. This is how we like to spend our weekends #axethrowing

13. Learning how to throw an axe is so much fun! I’m feeling like a real lumberjack 🙂 #axethrowing

14. I’m really starting to get the hang of this whole axe throwing thing… Praise the axe gods!

15. Recreational aggression has never felt so good #axethrowing

16. Improve your aim with some fun #axethrowing ! Try it out with some friends and see who comes out on top.

Axe Throwing Instagram Captions

17. Throwing axes is the new way to relieve stress! Try it out for yourself at our next session. #axethrowing

18. Learning to release my inner lumberjack at the axe throwing range!

19. Throwing some axes with my friends and feeling like a badass #axeldagod

20. Just me and my axe, perfecting my throwing technique. Time to get dangerous!

21. I like my coffee strong and my axes sharp. #coffeeplease

22. Throwing axes is probably not the best date night activity, but it’s always a fun time!

23. When in doubt, throw an axe. #badass

24. Come at me, tree!

25. Just a couple of friends taking some stress out by throwing some axes. We found our new favorite hobby!

26. Throwing axes is my new favorite hobby!

27. Just another day of being a total boss and dominating the axe throwing competition. #invincible

28. Work hard, play harder. That’s what I always say! #24hourfitness #workhardplayhard

29. Target practice has never been so much fun 🎯 #axethrowing

30. Fending off my stresses one axes at a time. #throwingknives

31. One more thing I can now check off my bucket list! #throwingaxes

32. A day at the axe throwing range is the perfect way to blow off some steam!

33. Some people like to go bar hopping on the weekend.. I like to go axe throwing #nofilter

34. Flirting with danger has never been so fun 😉 #axethrowing

Axe Throwing Instagram Captions

35. Hit the bullseye with my #badass technique 🎯

36. Trying my hand at a new hobby… #axethrowing

37. Defying gravity and societal norms with my unreal axe throwing skills 🤘 #nofear

38. No Grind. Just Axes.

39. Throwing axes is so much fun! JustMake sure you follow the safety rules, love!

40. It’s all about focus and determination!

41. My new favorite hobby! Can’t wait to show off my skills at the next neighborhood block party 🎯

42. Just another day of perfecting my craft. #axethrowing

43. Chopping wood and throwing axes has never been so therapeutic!

44. I never knew how satisfying it is to throw an axe until I tried it! If you haven’t tried axe throwing yet, you’re seriously missing out!

45. I’m just here to put on a show and throw some axes!

46. My new hobby: Throwing axes and trying not to demolished the entire house.

47. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at the #axethrowing range 💪🏼

48. If you want to know how to deal with stress, come #axethrowing with me! 😎

49. Tossing my worries away and enjoying some nice #axethrowing today 💪🏼

50. AXE-citing times throwin’ axes with my friends!

51. Throwing axes is my new favorite way to stay calm and relieve stress! Who knew it could be so much fun? #cantstopwontstop

52. First time axe throwing and I’m hooked! #addicted

53. Throwing axes and living life on the edge

Axe Throwing Instagram Captions

54. Let the good times (and axes) fly!

55. Add some excitement to your weekend and come try out axe throwing! You might just find your new favorite hobby 🔥

56. Throwing axes is the newest, most bad-ass way to relieve stress 💥 #lifeshouldbefun

57. Throwing axes like it’s my day job 😎

58. Ready to let loose and have some fun at the #axethrowing range!

59. Time to let loose and get my frustration out #axethrowing

60. Testing out my new hobby with my friends! #safetyfirst

61. Learning how to throw an axe is a lot of fun – and a great way to work out some frustration! #axethrowing

62. Things are about to get heated #axethrowing

63. My newest hobby: turning up the music and throwing axes! So much fun!

64. Here’s something that’s #newandimproved in 2022: my #axethrowing skills!

65. Taking my frustrations out on some wood #sorrynotsorry

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