35+ Money Spoils Relationship Quotes That Will Open Your Eyes

Money has long been used as a metaphor for power, and it’s no surprise that money can also be used to spoil relationships. Even the most loving couples can find themselves fighting over finances, or feeling resentful when one partner makes more money than the other. Here are some quotes about how money can affect relationships:

Money Spoils Relationship Quotes


“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.” – Kahlil Gibran


“Money cannot buy happiness but yet it provides us with things that make us happy. Money is not only a way of gaining relationships but also a way of depriving them.”


“When money is associated with love, it can cause resentment and conflict. Love shouldn’t have a price tag.”

Money Spoils Relationship Quotes

“Money will make a relationship stronger if used wisely, but if misused, it can tear apart even the strongest of bonds.”


“Money is like honey; too much of it spoils the sweetness of relationships.”


“Money can’t buy you love, but it sure does put a strain on relationships.”


“When money becomes an issue in the relationship, it’s not really about the money anymore.”


“Financial concerns should never overpower the importance of human relationships in our lives.”


“If you value your relationship more than money, you will handle financial matters with wisdom and an understanding heart towards each other’s needs and concerns”


“Money talks, but it cannot replace loyalty and trust in a relationship.”


“In some cases, having money can destroy friendships and create resentments in a family where there didn’t exist before simply because one sibling has more money than another sibling or parent-child isn’t on the same financial playing ground.”


“Money is the worst currency that should be employed in matters concerning the heart.”


“Money may make the world go round, but it has no place in a healthy relationship.”


“Money shouldn’t be at the forefront of your relationship; true happiness is found in shared experiences between two people who care deeply for each other”


“Money should never get in the way of a genuine relationship; if it ever starts to, then that’s a sure sign something needs to change.”


“Money can’t buy happiness, but lack of money can ruin relationships”

Money Spoils Relationship Quotes

“Money is a root of all evil and it can also ruin relationships unless both parties manage it well and equally together to have a healthy relationship with each other and their finances.”


“Money may buy material comforts, but when it comes to happiness, it can’t purchase love and understanding.”


“Money can ruin relationships because instead of caring about each other for who we are, all that matters is the money.”


“When money comes between two people’s relationship, everything else goes out the window.”


“When couples start arguing about money, it’s no longer about keeping their relationship healthy.”


“Wealth is only of use when it builds rather than destroys relationships.”


“You can compromise on many things in life, but not on your relationship values and morals; not even for money.”


“Wealth and fame are unreliable sources of joy when they come between you and the ones you love.”


“Money can be a great blessing, but it can also hinder our relationships when we focus on it more than we focus on each other.”


“When money breaks trust between people, then nothing can save their relationship from crumbling down.”


“When you chase money to the point of neglecting human connections, lasting bonds fade away as fast as wealth accumulates.”


“Greed makes relationships hard, because everyone wants more than they have.”


“Money doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after; in fact, it often comes between relationships.”


“Wealth can buy luxuries, but not love; beauty, but not happiness; fame, but not peace; partners, but not relationships.”


“Love doesn’t cost a thing, but money does have the potential to destroy relationships.”

Money Spoils Relationship Quotes

“Money is useful for buying the necessities of life, like food and shelter and such other things, but it must never be allowed to interfere with love or relationships.”


“Money (or lack thereof) should never be the reason why one partner holds back their love and commitment to another.”


“A relationship based on money will lead only to unhappiness and dysfunction when reality sets in..”


“When someone puts money above relationships they are setting themselves up for failure and a lonely road ahead.”


“Money tarnishes individuals’ relationships because it corrupts the very fabric of love and trust between them.”


“Material wealth may make your lifestyle comfortable, but money has no power to build strong bonds with others or secure lasting fulfillment in life.”


“Too much money causes people to lose touch with what’s important, with why relationships matter more than anything else.”

By understanding how money affects relationships and being mindful about how we use it, couples can work together to keep their relationship balanced and healthy. Hopefully these quotes about money spoiling relationships can provide some insight into how to navigate this difficult situation.

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